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Do you want to make the world a more user-friendly and usable place? Then write for The UX Blog and get recognition for your expertise and thought leadership.

The UX Blog will reply to your submission within 24 hours. After we review your article and decide it's a good fit, further instructions will be provided. If your article is rejected, we're more than happy to provide feedback to make your article a better fit. We're looking forward to having you on board!

Please read all of the information on this page before you submit your article to us, doing so will increase your chances of being accepted. Please email nick@theuxblog.com directly for questions and submissions.

You can submit your article directly in the email body or as a .docx, .pdf, .rtf, or other document format attachment. Please make sure you include the following in your submission:

  • Article Title
  • Article Body with links
  • Article images
  • Author bio
  • Author profile image

Article Template

Please follow these guidelines when submitting an article:

  1. The Hook: Grab the reader's attention with a paragraph that they can relate to as a UX professional.
  2. Introduction: Summarize your article without going into too much detail. Let the reader know what they can expect.
  3. Body (the meat of the article): Get into the depths of what you want to discuss. Include images, video, and links. Articles with many types of media get more attention than those with just plain text! Remember to reference sources whenever you make a claim (trusted sources build credibility for your article).
  4. What the future holds: Let the reader know how they can take actionable steps based on what they've just read. Think of it as 'How the reader can apply what you just wrote about to their work'.

Before you submit your article, consider

  • What is the point you are making?
  • Who is your reader?
  • Who or where did you learn about what you're writing?
  • What previous work has been done on this topic?
  • What concrete examples can you give that can be seen in the real world?

Whenever possible, try to

  • Make your writing understandable by beginners but interesting for experts.
  • Choose a precise topic to write about, don't try and talk about everything.
  • Show your knowledge and authority by creating a compelling argument.
  • Provide links and references wherever possible
  • Encourage others by delivering advice, practical examples, asking relevant questions, and providing calls-to-action.

General guidelines

  • Length: Articles should be 1000-2000 words long.
  • Point of view: Articles should be written in the 3rd person (of course, quotes can be in 1st person).
  • Research: Always link to secondary research to support your argument. If you are presenting novel findings, then show the data and describe your methods/methodology.
  • Be concrete: Always try and give examples of application, don't just describe the theory.

We also find that the following types of articles are well received

  • 'How to’ guides (e.g. How to perform a remote usability study).
  • Curated content (e.g. 5 tools for making clickable prototypes).
  • List based (e.g. 9 mistakes to avoid when doing user research interviews).
  • Parallelizing with other topics (e.g. Game of Thrones characters as usability participants).
  • Reviews of popular products and services (e.g. Adobe XD review).
  • Expert opinion (e.g. The benefits of training cross-functional teams in design thinking).

Frequently asked questions

  • Does The UX Blog pay its contributors? Not at this time. We're a small operation made up of volunteers. However, all articles will be bylined and outbound links to the author's website will be included on request. This great for personal branding and SEO.
  • Can I post my article to places like Medium or Wordpress after publishing here? Yes. However, we would suggest that any cross-posts point to the original article using a 301 redirect to the URL on The UX Blog. If you're using Medium make sure you use the official Import Story tool.
  • Does The UX Blog accept previously published content from other sites? Typically we prefer original content. We do make exceptions for stellar, high-quality content from respected authors. We do however ask that the author edit the article to make sure it fits the context of the site.

We look forward to featuring your article, good luck!