3 Free Video Course Sites to Help You Become a UX Expert

Free UX Courses

User experience design is an increasingly sought after role in tech organizations, but can be hard to obtain the relevant skills without a degree in human-computer interaction. Even programs like the Bentley University UX Certificate or General Assembly UX Design course come at considerable cost and take some time to complete. Luckily, there are a plenty of free online user experience design training resources on the web. Although these are not a replacement for work experience or academic excellence, these courses teach the basic methods and techniques expected of most UX Designers in the workplace. Here are three free UX course sites that you could consider taking.

UI breakfast offers a '1-hour audit' to help you improve the quality of your web apps. It is a free crash course that facilitates learning of approaches to fixing broken user experiences on the web. The program is designed to help you identify design flaws and redesign apps with usability and efficiency in mind.
This site offers three separate modules that last around 20-minutes each. The three sessions cover the following topics:

  1. Defining strategy and key user experience considerations.
  2. Audit of main screens, usability checklist, the components of web app screens, and UX challenges.
  3. Structuring a multi-level plan for UI/UX improvements.

This is a quick and dirty course for those looking to brush up on the basics of UX and UI without too much time investment; a good option for product managers and others whose full-time role is not in user experience.

UX Tree

UX Tree is a maker of premier video courses for designers. Experts in the industry teach students how to prototype applications and design interactions that define the user experience. There is a collection of readily available free courses such as 'Android Studio for Designers', as well as pre-registration courses including 'The Complete Guide to UX Design' and 'User Research Immersive'.

The courses here don't dwell too much on theory, they are very practical and hands-on. Hopefully, more courses added to the catalog soon as only half of the courses on the website are currently available.


The Springboard User Experience Design course focuses on the tools, methods, and frameworks you need to become a better designer. The course is made up of reading materials and detailed videos on a number of subjects within user-centered design. Course content includes:

  • Research methods
  • User-centered design methods
  • Persona development
  • UX design deliverables

Benefits of UX course sites

The three UX course websites in this article are just a few examples of many that are available online, but what are the benefits of these courses over getting an in-depth degree from a higher education institute? Although free crash-courses like these will not ever replace the quality and level of feedback in a real degree, these courses are fine-tuned for beginners starting their first job in UX or those with a few years of experience hoping to brush up their existing skills.

Flexible Learning

In the busy world of today, the chance to learn UX online is manageable in the sense that you can learn at your preferred pace. Busy executive? No problem. Recently quit a job and have all of the time in the world? No problem. Also, by choosing  UX courses that suit your learning style, you can optimize your learning and knowledge retention.

They Are Free!

Information is widely available on the web these days, the techniques and methods taught at higher education institutes are just as accessible from free online courses. That said, free online studies are not a replacement for the critical thinking skills and networking opportunities you can gain from taking a degree in human-computer interaction.

Easily Accessible

Open and free courses are readily available and easily accessible wherever you are. You can learn from the comfort of your home or even on the subway on your way to work using your smartphone. Furthermore, you can explore several different courses on the same topic enabling you to internalize what you have learned faster and revise concepts.


User experience online courses are exceptional for busy people who want flexibility in their learning, or just for those who prefer to learn user experience on a budget. So, get out there and succeed at user experience!